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Mor Tal - lecture on the 5 mistakes you must not make in wedding planning

Specialist in organizing a wedding with an accurate budget, lecturer for engaged couples

15 שנות נסיון

Assaf Fried - Information Security Researcher

Graduated with a bachelor's and master's degree in computer science. Has 5 years of work experience in the cyber industry in Israel

5 שנות נסיון

Aviv Sheetrit

A treasure for personal development and public speaking

1 שנות נסיון

Joseph Dewick

Rehab from addictions and personal training, lectures and workshops

10 שנות נסיון

Esther Lankri, Internal Auditor - Finances

CPA, mother, jogging enthusiast, religious

0 שנות נסיון

Joachim Mishel

In the happiest decade of my life, married father of children and many grandchildren

40 שנות נסיון

Einval Levy

An expert in making the world of pensions and insurance accessible in a fascinating and narrative lecture suitable for everyone!

16 שנות נסיון

Ofek Darhi

Depressing to win - welcome to take a look

5 שנות נסיון

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